Visit the amazing world of The Enchanted Forest which is located only 4 kms west of Griffin Lake Cabins.

Visit the captivating realm awaiting your exploration! Prepare to journey through time and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing world, where enchantment permeates the air and dreams transform into reality.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure into The Enchanted Forest, a wondrous haven that captivates individuals of all ages.

Located 32 kilometers (20 miles) west of Revelstoke, British Columbia, The Enchanted Forest and SkyTrek Adventure Park stand side by side as magnificent “twin” attractions (refer to a map for precise directions).

  • Unveil the enchanting magic concealed within an ancient, untouched forest, adorned with 350 meticulously handcrafted fairy tale figurines and structures.
  • Ascend to new heights as you conquer the tallest and most majestic treehouse in all of British Columbia!
  • Roam freely through a colossal cedar stump house, a majestic castle, and even a mythical dragon’s nest, all waiting to be discovered!
  • Prepare to be transported to a world of wonder as you enter this mystical realm.
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